Sunday, August 7, 2011

Eagle Creek Trail

There are a ton of great hiking spots in the Portland area, and we have been meaning all Summer to go explore some of what Oregon has to offer. We finally made it up the Gorge to a trail we had recommended to us. We had originally planned to visit the first landmark which is 2 miles in, but decided in the end to see all that the trail had to offer. 6 miles in, we found this little gem....

We thought it was cool that there was a tunnel that went behind the waterfall.
Some spots along the trail were fun and adventurous...overall, it was pretty easy.
The water was super clear and not very cold; next time, Scott wants to bring our swimsuits.


  1. Wow, very cool area. So green and lush. That tunnel was pretty cool. Way to go with the video, too.

  2. What a great spot to happen upon. 6 miles is quite a hike. It looks beautiful!

  3. I was impressed with how green it was as well. Very cool place!