Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

Winter this year has been pretty great here in Portland, it hasn't been as dark and rainy as I told Trisha it was going to be.  We've actually had quite a bit of sun.  We did have a week or something where it did get cold enough up in the hills where we live to get some snow though.  As a result, we saw some driving that I've never seen before, and we had some good laughs about it.  That cold spurt happened to be right before a weekend trip we had planned to go back up to Connell to watch Trisha's little sister play basketball.  What is normally a three and a half hour drive for us was a six and a half hour drive instead!  Most of the drive was in freezing rain, and it got pretty hairy at times.  We saw more cars, trucks, and semis off the roads than we wanted to keep track of.  The pictures only kind of do it justice.  There were sections of the drive that we stopped at every exit to deice the wipers.  Some exits we took but never stopped because we wouldn't have been able to get going again.  Anyway, we got there without any problems and Brittney won her game... so what's the big deal?


  1. No way! That is some nasty freezing rain. The poor Civic! You guys are dedicated.

  2. That's crazy! I'm glad you guys didn't die.