Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Maddox Scott Layton finally joined our family on September 25th at 9:27 pm. His stats: 7 pounds, 19 1/4 inches...pure muscle. I'll spare the graphic details of labor and delivery and say simply that it went pretty quick, we had an unmedicated vaginal delivery, and we are grateful that we weren't induced and everything went so well. We love our handsome little boy and feel so blessed to have him in our family.

Maddox loves: being swaddled, hanging out in the Moby, car rides, lights, mom and dad talking to him, reading, and sucking on everything.

Maddox is warming up to: baths, diaper changes, and tummy time (ok, so he still hates this one).

We were entertained by these sounds that first night... Maddox had found his hand and was sucking away furiously.

Rocking the Jordan socks for the trip home from the hospital.

Dad combing the long locks during bath time.

Maddox has a belly button...and really strong arms.

We ventured out to church on Sunday... The first of
what I am sure will be many spending a portion of
Sacrament meeting in the hall with a crying child.

My two guys in their white shirts.

Maddox is 3 weeks old today, happy birthday buddy!


  1. So cute! I love him :) No wonder he likes being swaddled...he's all over the place otherwise ;) Thanks for posting pictures!

  2. What fun pics! Sure a cute family! Can't wait to see Maddox and Dash playing together. :)