Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Halloween is a semi-big deal in our family. This is the time of year that Scott and I met at BYU (see below). Traditionally, Scott and I have had fun dressing up.... Maverick and Charlie from the 1986 hit Top Gun is a favorite that comes to mind (also below). This year, we have a cute kid to do all the impressing.

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2009

Dad getting Maddox ready for the
Ward trunk-or-treat.

Obviously the first time Scott has
used a hair dryer...

We dressed Maddox as a handyman. We
found the tool belt at Ikea last Spring when
we picked up our rocking chair and just
couldn't live without it.

Dad had to have some kind of facial hair, so this is what
we settled on...

The boys walked in the costume parade. Lots of cheers
for these cute guys... pictured here with some good friends
in the Ward, Dan and Owen. Scott also works with Dan at
Cinco.  Owen is 6 months older than Maddox.

The day of Halloween, we just hung out at home and
ate candy. Maddox loves Twix.

We got this cute sleeper from a woman
in the Ward I work with in YW.

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  1. Way too cute-all around! Did Maddox enjoy Scott's sweet salon skills? Makes me a little sad we didn't fully take advantage of Halloween this year and went to bed early instead. :)