Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

The three day weekend seemed to fly by, but we tried to cram in as many new fun things as we could. Here are some pictures we snagged:

We were the only ones flying the red, white, and blue.
These were almost as big as our kite.
This is Seaside, taken using a cool app on Scott's phone.
We stopped at Tillamook Cheese Factory and sampled some fresh squeeky cheese on the way home.
Before the half marathon and berry picking.
After finishing the half marathon... It was at Sauvie Island, pretty close to home.
They gave out some yummy strawberry shortcake to all the racers afterward.
A new brunch place on Hawthorne.
The breakfast of champions...there is sausage, biscuits, and eggs hidden under all that gravy.
No Portland breakfast menu would be complete without the breakfast cocktails.

We didn't get any pictures of Scott picking berries at the race, the barbeque we had with some friends from BYU, or the fireworks on Monday. All were a lot of fun, and we are bummed we didn't snap any photos of these festivities.


  1. I am so glad you started a blog! Now I can stalk you. It looks like you guys are having a blast in Portland and eating some very delicious dishes. If/when we end up back in Washington (Chris is dead set on it) we will have to meet up and you can show us all around Portland. :)

  2. Congrats on the half marathon. Looks like a ton of fun up there.

  3. Good job on the half marathon. It all looks like so much fun!