Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Heart Cars

After having Ron and Tammy in town, cars were fresh on Scott's mind. This was a really good weekend for car shows, so we stopped at a couple and really enjoyed walking around together. Here are a few gems we found...

There was an all Ford car show downtown that had a lot of really fun stuff.
This is a real AC Cobra; he has been the only owner.
Thought of Grant when we saw a couple of these Sunbeam Tigers.
Shelby G.T. 350H.


  1. Good looking cars! It's nice they could be there to enjoy the shows too. Looks fun!

  2. Wow, there's some nice stuff up there. Did the tree huggers come out to protest? : )

  3. All the cars I would have taken pictures of I want. Someone has good taste!:-)