Monday, August 13, 2012

4 Years, and Counting

Our anniversary this year fell on the best day of the week to celebrate, Thursday! It's really not perfect but Trisha found ways to really make it special for us. She's awesome and surprised me with a cute little heart she made with matches. We then started the day off right by going to a new spot (to us) on 23rd called Besaws that I had heard about, it was pretty tasty. Trisha gave me a really nice card and gift, so at the end of the meal our waiter brought us a treat because he guessed we were celebrating something. And he wanted a fat tip. We went to eat right at opening because we also had an interview with a pediatrician before work. That went well and we went to work, did our things, and then met up for dinner. Which I didn't select until last minute... meaning I knew the area of town I wanted to eat in but hadn't picked a spot. The area I chose just happened to be where everyone in the city wanted to be as well. Come to find out, first Thursdays the NW turns into a local artists gallery and cool people stroll spot. The whole area was really busy and there was no parking... Anyway, we found a cool place to eat some food and get out of the crowds for a bit. Oba was really good and we got a bunch of tapas to sample a lot of stuff. They made the guac right at our table just like we told them to and it was both fun and delicious. The dish that is almost gone was coconut shrimp in an awesome sweet spicy sauce... one of our favorite dishes... followed by some delicious tacos and quesadillas. Because we were new to the restaurant, they gave us a dessert on the house which is hard to describe but was amazing. Imagine chocolate, pineapple, vanilla ice cream, roasted marshmallows, and banana all combined in the most delicious way... that's more or less what it was like.

Trisha is my best friend and it was fun to squeeze in some play time mid-week. She really makes everything so enjoyable for us and the last 4 years have been so much fun. Already in our short time being married, we've had lots to laugh at... some only after some time has passed. Trisha is my everything and I feel like we've already been through or experienced so much together.

We always buy a new pair of shoes to wear on our
anniversary, and these we our digs for our special day.


  1. too awesome. :) You guys are so cute..make me gag. haha j/k.

    How was the pediatrician interview? We had a couple really great recommendations and reviews from friends so I decided to skip the interview part even though the doctor office offered time.

  2. Sounds like a great day of celebrating! Happy 4 years! :). You guys are great!

  3. One word: "Awwww."

    On our anniversary, Jenifer just promises to not beat me up quite as hard. :-)