Monday, August 6, 2012

Bitter Sweet... Mostly Bitter

We've owned and enjoyed riding our motorcycle for the past four years and have some great memories with it. It somehow made selling our station wagon a lot more bearable for me when Trisha and I were engaged. Trisha was a great sport trusting me to get a motorcycle, we did have a few talks about it before we both thought it was a good idea. So I rode real carefully on the way home from buying the bike so that she would trust me even more with it from then on. ;) I rode it to and from school. I brought home pizza, milk, and groceries, and even took it to California when I was interning there. That was probably the best time with the bike since the weather was nice most days and lane splitting was legal. I rode it every day to and from work and would go out for rides even during my lunch breaks. When I'd fly home, while on that internship, I'd ride 45 minutes to the airport with my backpack and a duffle because parking was free for bikes. I'll stop reminiscing and run through the rest... bumped a deer, punched out a taillight, got some stitches, unknowingly had a police chase, got a ticket, adjusted my mirrors, snapped a drive belt, and retired a rear tire with style.... ALL that fun and since moving up here to Portland we've rarely ridden the bike. After a year and a half of dusting and washing off a bike a lot more than riding it, we decided someone else should be out enjoying it.  

Riding home the day we bought the bike... wearing my fiancĂ©'s
 sweater and a stranger's helmet... that was a few sizes too big.

The last we saw of her... until we got on the freeway to go for dessert
 and saw the guy who had just bought the bike just babying it along.


  1. Congrats on selling it...even though it's a little bitter now.

  2. It was a good bike. It sounds like you were able to find it a good, caring home.

  3. Glad to hear you were able to sell it. My wife made me sell all my cool stuff too. : )

  4. ...I'm sure you'll have a good excuse to get something similar when Juan Pablo is old enough to enjoy it with you.