Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Maddox's Half Birthday

At 6 months, Maddox: is 15 pounds 14 ounces, 26 3/4 inches, and his hair is 4 inches long. Maddox is eating solids. He sits pretty well on his own and is itching to crawl. He naps and sleeps well now (after some sleep training). He gets stuck between the bars in the crib just about every night. His pacifier use is limited to bed time. Maddox will suck on his thumb if he is upset and doesn't have access to his pacifier. He still stares at dad, and he will look at doors for him. He rarely falls asleep in the car, but still enjoys driving. He will "roar" with mom. The fun blowouts continue. Maddox is a happy and content little guy... unless he's tired, kind of like mom:)

Firsts: He went to his first birthday parties in March. He celebrated his first Easter. Maddox enjoyed the park for the first time Easter weekend. He loved the swing but was indifferent when it came to the slide. He also washed the cars with mom and dad for the first time that same weekend, a Layton tradition I am sure he will grow to love.

He likes: being outside and in new places; sleeping on his tummy; bananas, mangos, rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and carrots; balloons; mom's terrible singing; tugging on mom's hair; mirrors; dad's toothbrush (and he will help Scott brush his teeth); his tongue (it is often sticking out).

He hates: avocado and green beans; he gags on these.

Maddox at 5 months.

Maddox is so happy to be 6 months old!

Maddox was pointing out which spots we missed...

Maddox's first Easter, wearing the special tie Grandma made for him.


  1. This is too fun! I want to be your kid. The blowout up the back is priceless. :) I've been wanting to take Dash to the swings, but it hasn't happened yet.

  2. Hey guys! This is Annie (Layton) McKay...ya know, Scott's cousin, remember me?!? Anyway, I stumbled onto your blog via Grant and Taryn's. Maddox's hair left me speachless and I had to comment and say how AWESOME I think it is. I have hair envy. Hope you guys are well!

  3. I usually check blogs at work, so I couldn't ever see the videos. I just watched them with Dash. The howling made Dash start barking/howling too. I think he was wondering if you were dogs :)