Monday, August 12, 2013

San Diego

Back in April, we took a trip down to San Diego to spend time with the Laytons. Everyone was able to make it, which was wonderful! We missed seeing them at Thanksgiving, so this was the first chance Maddox had to meet his aunts, uncles, and cousins on that side.

Maddox's first flight!

We knew flying would be an experiment and an adventure. The flight out, we chose a flight around Maddox's bedtime (hoping he'd sleep), and the return flight was early in the morning (hoping he'd be in a good mood, which we can count on when he first wakes up). We learned he flies better when he is happy and rested... He was a champ though, and he handled traveling both ways really well.

I love the photograph which this sculpture represents. My
sister even gave me a framed print for Christmas one year.
It was fun to take this shot with my man.

The boys checking out the dredging going on at the beach.

Maddox's first experience with sand.

We found this cute little playground on the beach
near the pier. Maddox loves to swing... obviously.

And of course the boys hit up a car show. These were a couple of Scott's favorites.

Cousins! Forgive the blurry picture... you try snapping
a shot of two active 6 month olds!

Maddox hanging out with Grandpa Layton.

We had fun playing at the beach, exploring new spots in southern CA, eating good food, and spending time with even better company. Thanks for hosting Grant and Taryn!

Besides catching up with family, we were also able to connect with some good friends as well as visit Nixon's headquarters (a company Scott designs for frequently).

Scott and Rod (Matt Rodriguez) served in the same mission.
 They reconnected at BYU. Matt was in my ward, and that
is how I met Scott. Rod's son, Luke, and Maddox are both
rocking the Vans.

It was fun for me to meet in person some of the people Scott
works with. Nixon turned an old mill into this fun space.

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