Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Months

Maddox weighed 19 pounds 4 ounces (25th percentile), and was 28 inches long (25th percentile) at his 9 month appointment (the day before he turned 10 months).

10 months

9 months

8 months

7 months

Maddox brushes his teeth. He has two bottom teeth and two top teeth with two more coming in on the top. He still tries to put most things in his mouth after exploring with his hands for a minute or two. He loves putting his hands in our mouths as well as his pacifier. Maddox likes to feed himself (bread and cheerios are mom's less messy options). He chews his food pretty well, and he is a good eater, not picky. He laughs when he burps, probably because we do too. He smacks  his lips. Maddox takes turns talking, and he says mom, bababa, da, brm brm, and just babbles A LOT.

Maddox's first pb&j sandwich.

He has had a little army crawl for the past three months, and is beginning to crawl some on his hands and knees -- but he definitely prefers the army crawl. He likes climbing over obstacles. He pushes himself up from his tummy to sit, and pulls himself up to his knees a lot more than to his feet. He still does not like to stand. He can stand though while holding onto something. He spins around on his bum with his feet, which is pretty cute. Maddox has good fine motor skills and uses his pincer fingers most of the time. He trades things from hand to hand. He likes tearing things, and will often actually choose the smaller piece to keep tearing. He loves opening and closing doors, and he likes to pull the knobs on drawers. He is not super interested in the stairs yet, and he'll stop when he gets to them.

Maddox sleeps like a champ. He goes to bed around 8:00 pm and wakes up anywhere between 7:30 and 9:30 am. He then takes two good naps, each between 1 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours. He still loves his pacifier, which he gets when he sleeps (and when we are out and about during nap time).

Thumb inside the pacifier in his mouth.

One of his favorite toys is a sword from Disneyland. He LOVES cars; he'll move the cars back and forth on their wheels and say brm brm. Maddox has fun spinning the wheels on his cars and skateboard. He likes to play football and wrestle with mom and plays soccer with dad. He loves being outside. He still likes to read and help turn the pages. He plays with the cat whiskers around the house. He likes his stuffed cow and will give it loves (put it in his mouth and lay his head on it). Maddox went swimming for the first time in June; he loves the water and will kick his feet and splash with his hands. He still really enjoys the bath too, and will crawl around and try to pull himself up. He likes to watch bubbles but doesn't try to grab them very often, and he knows you have to blow to make them. He likes bags and the handles and hardware on them. He still loves watching anything with a screen, and he still likes mirrors too. He likes to play with wastebaskets, which mom doesn't like. He likes cords and outlets, which are also forbidden. He likes to pull just mom's shoes off the shoe rack. He will also play with mom's hair that he finds on the floor.

He loves being chased up and down the stairs. Maddox tickles our feet and then just laughs. He'll pull the shower curtain open to see if Scott or I are in there. He likes to hand us things and point at us. When he hears the garage door, he knows that dad is home and will crawl to the stairs. It is really sweet. He puts mom's phone up to his ear. He still cuddles with mom and will lay his head on my shoulder, mostly when he's tired.

He shakes his head no, sometimes because he doesn't like whatever is happening and other times just because he likes to shake his head. When I tell him no, he just laughs more often than stops what he is doing. He still hates to be changed and is adjusting more to having things pulled over his head. He hates his nose and face being wiped. He tugs at his shirt and belly when he is angry or sad.

As a mom, I find myself doing ridiculous
things to make a less-than-fun experience
more enjoyable for both me and Maddox.
Luckily, Scott caught this...

His sides are really ticklish. He still kicks his legs and flaps his arms when he is excited. Maddox really is just a content happy little boy, and we have so much fun with him!

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  1. He's getting so big! Can't believe it. It's so fun to hear what he's doing and what he likes! Hugs and kisses!