Monday, March 31, 2014

Life as a Mother

With Maddox hitting another milestone last Tuesday, I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what motherhood has meant to me and why I love being a mom. So, on a more personal note, here are three of the things that stand out most to me:

1. LOVE! Undoubtedly, my capacity to love has grown. And this sweet boy has taught me through his example more of how to be loving. Maddox is so quick to forgive, and he sincerely loves me unconditionally. After I’ve been distracted for 20 - 30 minutes with dinner and not giving him my undivided attention, he runs over to squeeze my legs in a bear hug and kisses them. It just melts my heart. Oh, those hugs and kisses and cuddles! Expressing love for one another so frequently and without reservation is one of the most uplifting blessings of being a mom.

2. Happiness! Maddox’s sweet innocence and the things that make him happy and laugh are really eye opening. It stirs gratitude within my heart and helps me to delight too in the simple and often unnoticed beauties in life. He makes me smile and laugh daily with his antics (he is his father’s son). And he is simply happy and smiling a lot, which is seriously contagious! He is really helping to make it easy to find joy in this journey of motherhood.

3. Growth! Since this little boy came into my life, I have grown in every way – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically (not in weight though luckily, haha). Maddox is helping me turn my weaknesses into strengths, he is giving me new experiences that really stretch me. He is helping me to learn patience, not only in my reactions but, more importantly, in my thoughts and feelings. I have learned a little more about sacrifice and giving purely out of love. And it is such a pleasure to witness Maddox’s growth too. He is learning constantly, which makes me want to be a better teacher and a better student. Each new phase brings opportunities for progress for us both, and it is so fun and rewarding.

And although this is all about Maddox and my role as a mom, I can’t leave out the one who is my partner in it all. Scott’s support and love are pivotal to my experience of motherhood, and he is whom I call my number one.

I believe I am doing God’s work as a mother and a wife. And I am so grateful for the two boys in my life who fill our home with pure joy! I love it!

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