Thursday, April 10, 2014


A quick recap of what we've been up to the past three months, since I am so bad at updates….

Scott and I went to another Blazers game. It was an awesome date night with great seats (seriously, the 7th row)! The teams played well which made for a good game, and Portland came out on top by 5.

We get together with friends often, and Maddox likes teaching the younger ones new tricks when they come over to his stomping grounds.

Scott went on a campout with the young men. They had fun playing in the snow up at Mt. Hood.

Maddox and mom took turns being sick off and on for a couple weeks. It is really sad to see your little one not feeling well. And it is SO hard to be a mom when you don't feel well. I can't remember a Winter when I have been sick so many times. Luckily, it was only a couple week bout and we haven't been sick since. Crossing my fingers...

Doesn't this just break your heart.

Scott went to the annual motorcycle show here in Portland. Here's a taste of the show:

Valentine's day! I finally got an Oregon drivers license, haha. And we celebrated with a yummy dinner and red velvet cupcakes!

Ribs: a meal made for real lovers… seriously, this is not a
first date menu item people!

A puddle in Cinco's parking lot that Scott
took for me. Pretty amazing!

We had a "snow storm" one week, it lasted Thursday through Sunday. All of Portland shut down and church was cancelled.

Scott really enjoyed driving in the snow! We were
grateful our Audi wagon got us around so well.

We celebrated my birthday with a trip to the Temple, dinner, and some spa time.

Spring came to Portland! We started filling our days with walks, jogging, park time, and glorious sunshine!

We've celebrated several birthdays with our friends and their kiddos the past couple months. It is wonderful to have so many good people around us!

Grandma and Auntie Brit came to visit! I decided that I am TERRIBLE at taking pictures when we have visitors. I am better when we travel. I guess I am busy just trying to be a good hostess and having a good time! Luckily, Brit was better at capturing some of the action. We had a lot of fun hanging around Portland while they were here. Our weekend was filled with shopping, eating, games, the Children's Museum, General Conference, and lots of Maddox attention!

Maddox gives great input to his
shopping mama. He helped me come
home with a few purchases!

The new bike exhibit at the Children's
Museum was fun.

Target, providing plenty of entertainment
during Priesthood Session.

Maddox helping Auntie Brittney text.

Grandma brought some fun Easter
gifts from her and Great-Grandma.

Love this one of Maddox and Grandma!
Both sad to say goodbye.

And most recently, no more pacifier! Maddox has slept with a pacifier since he was 2 weeks old, and Monday he helped mom throw it in the trash. He slept without it that night AND didn't even cry once! I was impressed and grateful. We celebrated Maddox's achievement at Ben and Jerry's with a free cone.

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