Monday, July 14, 2014

Catching Up

Oh dear, here we go again with an overload of what we've be up to the past 3 months. Here's another resolution to do better moving forward!

This kid sweats like a champ during naps.

Building forts with mom.

Mom's glasses and dad's watch; he
loves to do what we do.

Cleaning up after dad in the garage.

Easter weekend -- on Saturday, we went to the county fairgrounds for Maddox's first "Easter egg" hunt. They just threw candy out in the grass for the toddlers though, I think this age group needed a visible motivation. There were police cars and fire trucks to check out too; a few of Maddox's favorite things!

And in true Portland fashion, it started to rain right before the hunt.

Mom forgot to bring a basket for the candy, so we
used a grocery bag we had in the car… fail.

Maddox didn't care for the wet grass, but
he didn't let that stop him from snatching
up that candy.

Riding in the fire truck makes one happy boy!

Enjoying his spoils!

A sweet couple in our ward invited us over for Easter dinner. We were really grateful to share the work of a nice meal, and we had a lot of fun learning new games.

Cecily and Dash came to visit us! We loved having them here, it was so fun to see the cousins together. Maddox was constantly saying "Dash" and wanted to be where he was. And, of course, he thought Aunt Cec was pretty cool too.

Portland Children's Museum

Good luck getting these two boys to hold still.

The awkward high-five…

They celebrated Scott's birthday with us while they were here. Dash partied the hardest.

Por Que No?!


Scott's cookie dough ice cream birthday cake

The boys were given little hot rods from
the mechanic shop up the road.

We're really grateful they made the trip out to see us; wish they were closer so we could play more!

PlayDate PDX

It's hard work trying to keep up with the big kids!

Love catching up with dad at lunch time! And the
carts are a nice draw too:)

Wednesday evenings are entertaining with these girls:)

Mom and dad Layton made the long drive to share a long weekend with us. We went "doughnut hopping" one morning from Voodoo Doughnut (the "Portland" - tourist - experience) to Blue Star Donuts (the "Portland" - quality - experience). We worked on projects and our garage became a paint booth. We played at the park and had game night most evenings. And we celebrated Mother's Day together!

Apple Fritter from Voodoo.

Our Blue Star choices.

Thank you again mom and dad for spending time with us, we are always sad to see you go!

All posted up for the ladies.

We spent a couple days during Memorial day weekend on the coast with mom and dad Quinton. Dad introduced us to some old sailing ships, we played at the beach, dad destroyed us in a game of miniature golf, and mom gave Maddox lots of love per her ushe. We can count on a good time with these two!

We've been loving the warm, sunny weather, and we are especially grateful when the weekends roll around and Scott can join in on the fun!

Breakfast at the farmer's market…delish!

Picnic at the park with dad.

We made the short road trip up to Connell for Brit's high school and seminary graduations. We were grateful to be there to celebrate with her, and we had a lot of fun with the rest of the crew too!

Maddox's first fishing excursion.

Great-Grandpa Anderson showing him how it's done.

Great-Grandma always has packed the best snacks!

They treated us to lunch then introduced
us to the Playground of Dreams.

Eating cherries right off the tree in Great-Grandma's and Great-Grandpa's backyard.

The ever-popular ride on Grandpa Anderson's
lawn mower. What a fun day with the five of us!

Maddox took a ride on the 4-wheeler with Grandpa. He said it seemed like Grandpa thought he was doing EVOC training:)

Congrats again to this beautiful graduate!

Maddox unties, takes off his shoes, and removes the laces…
every time we get into the car.

Maddox LOVES juice, just like his daddy!

Bring your son to work day:)

Always imitating dad.

Maddox's take on tiptoeing...

We surprised Scott for Father's Day with some passes to the Nike employee store, one of his favorites. Maddox and I sure love this guy!

Scott found a lot of fun stuff; Maddox was worn out!

Maddox loves to hide, so we have to keep a close eye on this boy.

Father's Day tradition: car shows, of course!

This Audi R8 was mom's favorite.

Our youth participated in a dance festival this year. We all put in a lot of work, and it turned out wonderfully. Maddox had fun participating too:) One of my favorite performances was the "light show." So proud of these kids.

Scott's Teachers and my Mia Maids.

Maddox driving Mater.

Mater gets thirsty too.

Like a boss!

We are fortunate enough to live near several u-pick berry farms. This is seriously one of the best Summer activities, especially for this family of fruit lovers.

Both Scott and Maddox ate their weight in berries.

Blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries -- yum!

Our friends introduced us to bouldering. Maddox joined in on the fun too. I thought the hardest part was just trying to find the "rocks" you were supposed to use for the color level you were climbing. We had a lot of fun and it was a great workout.

Maddox's cow often needs diaper changes and to put clothes on too.

Giving his cow a ride on Mater.

The Maddox Sandwich. (Inspired by the pulled pork sandwiches we made for lunch.)

Driving his firetruck.

It rained hard one day; a couple hours after I finished washing the windows… perfect timing.

Family temple time.

Dad and Maddox love skateboarding together.

Maddox enjoyed this sweet ride at a friend's house.

Mom, Brady, and Haleigh came down for a couple days to celebrate Independence Day with us. We went to our ward's fourth of July breakfast, played at the park, enjoyed some of Scott's yummy grilling, threw down some poppers and lit up the sky with sparklers... and then watched some real fireworks. Such a fun day!

Someone always needs a ride.

It was way past Maddox's normal bedtime,
but he watched off and on and was excited
to talk about them in the days to come.

The fireworks show was awesome; it was close to home, clean, very family-friendly, they had music playing, and it lasted about 30 minutes.

Fail, again: mom dressed Maddox in jeans. He was sweating, so the pants came off.

We're grateful to have family nearby who'll make a quick trip to see us.

Always hiding...

Ummm, cookies? Yes please!

These girls love Maddox and he sure thinks they are pretty swell too.

Inspiring dad at work.

Oh, you know, just learning the ABCs.

Maddox is so excited about this dog… but not too sure about those funny looking kids.

Dad doing "magic."

This road construction is far more interesting
than that park we were just at.


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  1. This is one long post! Love it. So many great pictures and videos. So much fun and we wish we weren't so far away and we hope to come to Portland soon.