Monday, August 4, 2014

Angel's Rest

We hadn't been hiking in a while, so we decided last minute a couple weekends ago to hike up a trail we've heard about since we moved to Portland. The trail was nice, it was a good length, pretty rocky at times which made for a nice variety, not as steep as I had expected from what others had told us, and the view at the top was great. And, as always, it was so fun to share the adventure with my boys!

We saw this note at the trail head that someone had left the morning before. I was really nervous initially, but I am glad to report that we completed the hike without incident. I am now seriously considering purchasing some bear spray though.

Even though Maddox is a pound or two heavier than the max, Scott carried him in the baby bjorn. It looks so silly, right?! We are now also in the market for a hiking child carrier better suited for a toddler:) Our lack of planning/preparation for this hike is painfully obvious. Luckily, the boys handled it all like champs; both enjoyed the hike and Scott, surprising himself, wasn't even sore!

Beautiful view of the gorge.

Maddox even hiked part of the way back down with us. It was slow going though because he wanted to throw every rock he saw, and there were a lot:)


  1. Looks like a great hike and a beautiful day for it. That view is awesome. There are a couple of Docs that I work with that have gotten some different hiking carriers for toddlers that they like. It's something we need to get as well. The picture was pretty funny with Maddox on Scott's front. It is nice though since it is slow going with the kid on the ground and Rowan is the same with picking up every rock and stick he can. Thanks for sharing the adventure.

  2. Glad you didn't see any bear or cougars on your hike. The view looked really pretty!