Sunday, September 7, 2014

Some Maddox Gems

Just some random fun from the last month or two.

Still wants to be just like his daddy.

Dad's feet are REALLY ticklish.

I want a bike!

Oh, the muscle.

Most days you'll find us at the park or the library.

And some gems of Scott too I guess:)

Maddox is talking a ton and seems like such a big kid. He says most words almost accurately… like corns.

He's either talking to dad on the phone or Maddox.

Practicing tying his shoes.

Cheering friends on.

Ice cream!

Lining up with all the big kids at mutual.

It is hit or miss with this boy… sometimes he wakes up crying and grumpy from naps like his dad, other (more enjoyable) times he is talkative and sweet.

He loves to help out in the kitchen.

Every morning I ask him what he wants to do: "Go library, trucks books!"

Oh, you know, just counting to 15.

"The Heaven Song" that he wants to sing every night (don't mind mom's terrible voice).

Just being tough like dad and taking care of all our spiders.

Trying out the zip line at a friend's house.

Duck face with Auntie Brit.

While Grandpa was sleeping on the job...

Covering his ears for the loud sirens at the parade.

He learned that if he waves, he gets candy.

Watch this dad!

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