Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Camping Trip

We extended our Labor Day weekend and spent Monday and Tuesday down at Silver Falls State Park. It was Maddox's first camping experience and the first time Scott and I have camped together in Oregon. Silver Falls is a short 1 1/2 hour drive from our house, and it was clean and well maintained. We would definitely come here again.

The park has a 9 mile hike that includes 10 waterfalls. We split up our hiking between the two days and made it to all the falls. The weather was perfect and the scenery beautiful.

Lunch with a view.

Our camp site was in a great location; we were right next to a cute bridge and a little stream. It was an ideal spot for our little guy who LOVES to throw rocks. We had one neighbor to our right, and the campground was somewhat full but nice and quiet.

Watch this dad!

Scott calls this a "hobo dinner." I thought it was pretty tasty.

No camping experience is complete without the traditional s'mores!

Maddox slept like a champ, a full 12 hours. Sleeping on the ground is a lot
less comfortable as a pregnant lady...

We broke in our dutch oven finally (a wedding gift). Maddox helped mom make some yummy peach cobbler.
The breakfast of champions, right?!

This cute little inch worm did not impress Maddox.

The neighbors were friendly and wanted Maddox to try out their ride.
He was happy to oblige. They dressed him in their gear and the whole nine yards.

We had great help packing up camp:)

A terrible picture, but had to share this little guy that the boys found. I stumbled
upon a snake a few seconds earlier; I did not pick it up.

This was probably our favorite waterfall. The deep undercut was pretty cool.

And our little man fell asleep just in time to miss the last waterfall:) He was
a trooper, Scott even more so.

We had so much fun! Trying to fit in another adventure before Summer completely slips away:)

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