Thursday, October 16, 2014

Camping at Lost Lake

Mid-September we went out for round two of camping. Scott left work early that Friday, and we headed to Lost Lake near Mt. Hood. My two complaints about this campground are that the tent sites weren't reservable (this is changing in 2015 though so it wouldn't be an issue in the future), and the facilities available were vault toilets (I am a soft camper!). Otherwise, we really liked this spot. Our site was really cute with stairs down from our parking and more stairs to where our tent was set up, a cute fire pit, and lots of foliage to help us feel secluded. It was pretty quiet again, and we didn't hear any noises at night (except right before we turned in when I heard critters in the trees and swore they were jumping from tree to tree above us planning an attack). Maddox slept really well again. It was a colder night than our last trip, but the days were sunny and warm. Overall, another successful camping experience!

Classic Maddox. Check out that follow through though!

Chili and cornbread. We didn't burn the top this time, improvement!

Banana boats.

Hobo breakfast.

Your fire's gettin' puny!

We hiked the 3 mile loop around the lake. It is such a beautiful spot. We'd love to come back and spend a couple days playing on the lake.

Lots of rock throwing along the way, of course.

And other forms of entertainment…

This side of the lake is actually the most professionally photographed spot of Mt. Hood. A great view and place to enjoy our lunch.

Love this fun family of mine!

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