Tuesday, November 25, 2014

More Maddox Love

He may or may not like sweets...

"Jumping" on the trampoline.


Cleaning up, just like dad… except Maddox has a higher shooting percentage:)

While mom was in the other room...

That snack was finger-licking good!

Yeah, he can spell Maddox, dad, mom, and Scott.

Oh, silly dad… translation: mom carry.

Still loves helping in the kitchen.

Saturday morning at Home Depot, checking out fire trucks and doing man stuff.

It would be embarrassing to admit how many times we've watched this video... And we think it is just as funny every time.

General Conference. Maddox's favorites were the music and sustainings.

Working on his Frankenstein LEGO mini-build with dad.

Hosting play group at our house. Such a fun group of boys!

Monster's, Inc. cookies to go with his favorite movie. A fun way to spend the evening while dad is working late.

Flexing with his bandaid on.

Scott and Maddox both think it is cool to pick things up with their feet. I do not.

Frozen dancing with Natalie part I...

and part II.

Then he had to step up the masculinity a notch...

Hello baby sister!

He loves it when Scott brings home dart guns from work.

Checking himself out in his new P Rods.

Making popcorn with dad.

Looking through Scott's treasure box.

A proud moment for Scott.

Rolling out the sticky road.

Mr. Cow needs to read the scriptures too.

More fun with the dart guns.

In case you can't tell, he is eating ice cream in this video...

Watching our neighbor cut the grass, very exciting.

Our wonderful little helper.

One of Scott's co-workers gave Maddox some little "Japanese baby cookies" he remembered liking as a kid. Maddox lovingly refers to this treat as "jakanese."

He still LOVES hiding!

Eating hot wings with the young men.

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