Sunday, November 30, 2014

Showers in Pink

I feel so blessed for the good people and friends around me. They are extremely generous and supportive, and I feel well taken care of. The theme for my first shower for baby girl was cookies and milk, and it was adorable! Absolutely love this family, and I had so much fun with this group of ten friends!

My sweet hostesses!

Milk mustaches:)

My Mia Maids threw a surprise baby shower for me during mutual a couple weeks ago. They were so cute and excited to celebrate and shop for baby girl. For all but one, it was their first baby shower. I am so bummed that this is the only photo I have to show for it, one of the balloons:( We played a few games (Eliza was even spot on at guessing the measurement of my round belly), ate some of my favorite treats, and opened their sweet gifts. Huge thank you to Maris, Stephanie, Erin, Eliza, Gwyn, Dana, Lexi, Mari, and Britain; I love those girls!

Last week, my sweet friend Monica hosted a shower for me with a bunch of ladies in my ward. I always laugh so hard with these women! Everyone wrote down quotes of funny things kids have said. There were too many awesome quotes to note them all, but one of my favorites was: Driving by the Boise State Taco Bell football arena "Whoa! That is a huuuuge Taco Bell!" I loved celebrating with them!

Part of our group. Brittany and I were twinners:)

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