Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Little Man

Maddox is learning and growing so much. He is talking as much as ever. His vocabulary now consists of mom, dad, hot, hat, and no. I wonder if he has heard this last word a time or two… He also says brmm brmm (for cars/trucks), umm (when he points to what he wants), and mmm (when something tastes good), but I'm not sure those constitute "words." He understands a ton though. He will point to his eyes, ears, head, toes, tongue, teeth, belly button, hat, shoes, books, buttons, etc., and he follows instructions (most of the time) like bring me that, clap hands, clean up, or rub mommy's feet (haha, only kidding about that last one).

Maddox likes knocking on doors, and he loves to hide and for us to chase him. He simply loves to play!

Yes, he stacks all 5, just not always
in the right order...

We explored the Children's Museum
here in Portland one afternoon. I kept
thinking, Scott would have so much fun
here:) We'll definitely be going back!

Maddox is a dancing maniac! Any time he hears "music" (even commercials on tv), he busts out these moves...

Right around 13 months, Maddox began taking his first steps unassisted. I won't lie, we baited him in the beginning with his pacifier…

It is fun to see how much he has progressed in such a short time. He is totally comfortable and confident now.

Maddox got his own "electric" toothbrush from Grandma Quinton for Christmas (his old plain jane toothbrush just wasn't cutting it). Now he is just like dad! We just have to be careful about not brushing our teeth too much...

We love to watch the cars and trucks that come down our street. And he still LOVES when the puppies are out walking too!

Maddox is a good helper. He likes to push
the mop around, but he is the best help when
it comes to the laundry.

Maddox will help wash himself when he is in the bath. The best is when he is holding the wash cloth with his right hand and I ask him to wash his right arm… you can see the wheels turning!

He folds his arms for prayers and kneels with us each night. Maddox blows kisses and even makes a smack noise with his lips. He is just such a sweet boy!

We are gearing up for this toddler phase and looking forward to all the fun that lies in store for us still!

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  1. It was sure fun to see you at Christmas and how big Maddox is getting. He is sure a fun little guy!