Thursday, December 19, 2013


We spent Thanksgiving this year up in Connell with the Quinton crew. Grandma Anderson was gracious enough to host again, as she has done in years past. The food was awesome. Maddox and mom competed to see who could eat the most dinner rolls. And dad won the prize for most pie consumed. It was wonderful to spend the day with family, a blessing we are extremely grateful for!

I experienced my first Black Friday shopping trip this year. I spent $45 (1/2 off the item I wanted) and walked away with a $75 gift card. I think I did alright!

Huge thank you to Tara, my partner in crime
that morning!

Plumber or police man… Maddox just can't quite make up his mind!

Maddox learned some important lessons during our visit, like how to put olives on his fingers. I remember dad teaching this to us kids. Oh the legacies we pass on...

We caught a movie, Catching Fire, while we were in town. It was fun to spend the time with my siblings, but we missed Tara. Thank you grandma for watching Maddox for us!

We saw this ad for Anchorman 2 while at the theatre, and it made us think of a photo taken 3 years ago. These guys were way ahead of the game...

Our trip wouldn't be complete without the traditional family game night (every night).

We had a little fashion show with old formal dresses from high school. A little confidence booster that I could still fit in them!

Maddox met his Great-Grandma Quinton on this trip. Although several strokes have left my grandma in a pretty dependent condition, she remembers who I am and was happy to see me. She, understandably, wishes she could do and remember more, but even so, we could definitely feel her love and enjoyed her humor. We had a lot of fun chatting and singing children's hymns with grandma. We love you!

One guess of which kid was shaking the gifts under the Christmas tree… He did guess all of them correctly, except for that tricky one.

We had Christmas early and opened presents while we were there. Maddox didn't disappoint and delivered some good entertainment as he opened the gifts. We are so lucky to have such a generous family and we were glad they could witness all the excitement too!

We have so much fun with our family and are very grateful for those in our lives who make this journey so sweet! Special shout out to my mom who works so hard to make sure we are all comfortable and happy, you are amazing. We love you all!

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  1. Looks like it was a fun trip home. You looked beautiful in your formats. :)