Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Party in the Park

Every Summer, there is a "party in the park" at one of the parks nearby. The event is geared toward families and all the activities are free. Our family spent a majority of our time at the car show, of course.

Maddox LOVES fire trucks so naturally he was drawn to the two old models at the show. The owner of one of them noticed his interest and was so kind and asked if our little guy would like to sit in it. Maddox was on cloud nine! The cute little puppy was the perfect co-pilot for him.

This car show savvy kid really impresses me with how well
he understands and obeys our instructions to not touch
others' cars. Living up to that Layton name!


There were also some inflatable toys for the kiddos that we enjoyed. Maddox liked going down the shark slide with dad the best. Again?!

It was another beautiful day spent outside with my besties!

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  1. Looks like it was a fun party in the park! Doesn't surprise us that Maddox like fire trucks. Just like his mama. :)