Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Portland Food Marathon

6 different restaurants to celebrate our 6 years of marriage!

Our first stop was downtown at Tasty n Alder. We've eaten at their other two restaurants in town and have loved the menus, so we've been anxious to try their new spot. It did not disappoint! This was my favorite of the day.

Potatoes Bravas with over easy eggs and aioli.

Auntie Paula's French Toast with blackberry maple and whipped cream.

Next, we hit Olympic Provisions in the SE. Neither of us had eaten here, but we've been seeing some good reviews. This is the place to be for meat and cheese connoisseurs.

Hot Capicola and Wild Boar Bologna, white cheddar,
egg, aioli, on brioche kaiser bun.

Our first two stops had really fun spaces. Here you can see the
meat curing and some pickling happening up on the shelves.

Of course, besides eating, our next favorite thing is shoes! Continuing our tradition of a new pair for our anniversary.

And apparently we need to practice selfies because they all turned out blurry. So here are some singles of this happy couple on our special day.

I loved the exterior of Olympic Provisions.
And yes, sporting the baby bump:)

I've been hearing about The Waffle Window from some friends, so we decided to check that out for our brunch "dessert." They have both savory and sweet items on their menu. We tried one of their seasonal waffles, yum!

Summer Vibes with blueberry compote, fresh peaches,
blackberry, and whipped cream.

I know what you are thinking at this point… how did we pound so much food in one stretch?! We didn't:) We split up the fun between 2 days, and that made our tasting more enjoyable and the celebrating last longer. Win-win! Our first day we did brunch, second round was a lunch date.

We hit up Boke Bowl in the SE. Scott had eaten here with his team and wanted me to have a sampling of it. This is a really fun spot for ramen. Only chop sticks were allowed though, so I had to use the kiddie ones:)

Pork Dashi Ramen with house noodles, seasonal veggies,
and slow smoked pulled pork.

We walked next door to Bunk (and I was really self-conscious of people seeing us eating lunch twice, haha). They are known for their sandwiches, but our photo actually puts the fries in the limelight. Oops. The sandwich was tasty though, loved all that melted cheesy goodness!

Meatball Parmigiano Hero and fries.

And Ava Genes was our last stop. This was a really nice spot, and my favorite of day two. Dessert of course, delish!

Panna Cotta with peaches and blueberries.

Hazelnut Cruch Gelato with caramel.

We had so much fun! And as much as we love Maddox, it was really fun to spend this time alone celebrating the two of us. Loving every day of this beautiful life together!

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  1. What a fun way to celebrate! Love the shoes. :) The food looks amazing!